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The Healthier Black Elders Center health reception (HBEC) attracts over 1200 African American seniors for a day of education, health screenings, exercise and celebration. HBEC developed from a 13-year Wayne State University and University of Michigan partnership. The center’s annual health reception and learning series are outreach programs created as an effort to help correct health disparities among African American seniors.

Now a cornerstone of the Institute of Gerontology, the HBEC has taken on a life of its own with faculty, staff, an advisory committee, quarterly newsletters, and a participant research pool working together to improve the aging process of urban African American adults. Breaking down educational and health care barriers to information are key goals of the Healthier Black Elders Center.

We help expand awareness, create a healthier Detroit and promote successful aging.

For more information, please contact Donna MacDonald at (313) 664-2605 or donnamacdonald@wayne.edu.

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