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Aim Higher

This an interactive workshop designed by Wayne State University's Institute of Gerontology. Your participants will learn how to: 

  • Build financial management skills 
  • Plan for a healthy retirement
  • Protect themselves from financial fraud and scams
  • Navigate the world of credit 

  Workshop I: Protecting Yourself from Financial Exploitation

  • Learn the warning signs of financial fraud and scams and who the perpetrators often are 
  • Learn ways to protect yourself or your loved one from exploitation 
  • Role playing to strengthen skills in fraud prevention 

  Workshop II: Retirement and Estate Planning

  • Understand the 3-legged model of a healthy retirement: social security, savings, employer sponsored plans
  • Introduction and evaluation of investment products including liquidity, risk and interest
  • Powers of Attorney, Wills and other recommended documents

  Workshiop III: Household Finance

  • Goal setting and how our values effect our financial decision making
  • Calculating net worth and creating retirement spending plans
  • Budgeting exercises and worksheets to assist in better understanding 

  Workshop IV: Understanding Credit

  • Understand how your credit score is calculated and how to maximize your score
  • Learn how to use credit to your advantage including lowering interest and insurance rates
  • Information on different types of credit available 

Workshops are run by Wayne State University employees. Groups of 15-25 participants per workshop. 
Lunch or Breakfast provided by Heartland Health Care. 
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